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could not determine if they were shot, stabbed or badly beaten. the young manq'cañ later died an fran general hospital. the victim reported to have life threatening injuries. police have few, if any, leads. the officer says they don't know if the two were targeted or if this was a random attack. or, perhaps, this brazen act was a way to send a message to someone. >> this is a possibility it occurred somewhere else. >> whoever was responsible could have dumped the two at sprawling mcclairen park if they didn't want victims found would it have been a perfect place. instead they chose a neighborhood with two fairly well valved streets. also sandwiched hunt a housing development and projects down the still. two areas with their share of
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crime. >> there is violence related to something some gang problems. >> i never leave the house at night. because kind of dangerous. >> investigators hope that once doctors stabilize this young woman, they can ask her what happened and that might provide leads but so far, they tell us they have very little to chaichls. >> police investigating a fatal traffic accident that took the live of a pedestrian. the man struck by a white pickup truck in the city financial district. police not determined who is at fault. the accident took place just hours after the district attorney launched a campaign called don't rush. >> just because you're walking doesn't mean you don't have to
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wait before you cross and you have to look around. >> 17 pedestrians were killed last year. today's fatal accident brings this year's unofficial count of fatalities to 18. >> police have few fleedz a double murder that orphanned a 4-year-old child. police found two victims shot multiple timeswhe: a man and woman, both 30 believed to be the parents of a 4-year-old found unharmed. police are counting on public's help with any information that could help them solve murder autos just want to hear, we need the public to step up to give us a hand. two victims were slain. a child now doesn't have parents. >> that 4-year-old has been placed with child protective services. >> sent qensing and a stern
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warning today for the women convicted of killing east bay nursing student michelle le. a judge sentenced gisele esteban for 25 years to life in prison. the sentencing with a stern warning from the judge who told her she'll never be paroled if she continues to show no remorse for the crime. the family appreciated the words. >> made a great observation. we felt she felt no remorse. just staring at the family with a blank stair. it's good he pointed that out. >> search teams found the body. mistakenly believed her former best friend was romantic lynn solved with the father of her 6-year-old daughter. >> a candle light vigil under
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for revenues by a new bill board. abc 7 news is live for us in west oakland. >> we're talking about several new bill boards out there. this vigil just wrapping up here. they had it heer because this is where this career center would be locate bud some say the plan to pay for it is a sellout for the community. one blight is another funding source. that is the gift of the controversy over thousand pay for a new job and resource center. a proposed deal between the and i army base developer would fund the center with> i will grant you that. but those decisions have been made in negotiated since the bill boards goring to be there, revenue from the bill board is
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and ought to fund the job center. >> oakland clergy joined to hold a vigil and prayer service. the events held on 18th and adeline. opponents say the proposed deal is ultimately a bad one for the community. >> we want jobs and a job center. to base it on polluting the landscape it trying to pit us against each other. that is the intention of this. >> west oakland has one center that has proven very successful. the center helped thousands of the most-troubled young people turn their lives around with skills. the director says the ends do justify the means when it comes to creating another
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center for an area plagued by crime. >> things are tight right now. these bill boards were definitely helping the program and would generate funds and would be a plus, plus. >> the community development economy will take up this issue and recommendations going to the full counsel deciding whether, and how to, fund the new center. >> some new rules tonight and changes at the top after a scandal involved a port of oakland. officials revealed the director has agreed to retire this month, accused of running up a $4500 dinner nab a texas strip club setting off an investigation. today, the port also announced it's received repayment of funds spent on two improper expenditures.
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they have a set of rules including new guideline autos strong winds may be to blame for ripping a massive tree in half in oakland, it came crashing down on to a home this morning. a man didn't know what happened until police showed up. he was not hurlt. however, the tree caused thousands of dollars in damage. >> the family of singer jenni rivera holding out hope tonight she might still be alive. authorities confirmed she died láñ plane crash but in a news conference, her brother said they're a strong family, and v >> in our eyes we have faith my sister will be okay. we have no confirmation of her body being recovered. dead or alive. >> we are live with a look at how fans are remembering jenni rivera. >> right.
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jenni rivera performed just blocks from here in 2008. she had a huge fan base here in this south bay. including some who knew her personally. >> djs are surrounded by posters. the super star was there in april to help 93.7 make a debut. >> she's like our mexican lady gaga. huge celebrity. having her launch radio station it meant a lot for us. >> the 43-year-old mother of five became a mexican american singing sensation, appealing to fans on both sides of the border. >> she was a6kqmle model for the hispanic community in the united states. and internation fashionally. >> rivera won a string of music awards. in san jose, fans paying tribute by buying her cds.
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>> she's going to be mused her music is still going to be played she'll be remembered as she was, happy. jenni rivera, the artist, mom and friend. >> family and friends in southern california are still trying to comprehend the super star's sudden death. the singer's jet crashed in northern mexico following a concert killing seven people, including rir rivera. >> just keep news prayer. there are no words. >> the soulful singer seem to have had a special bond with followers, battling poverty, divorce and other hardships to achieve success. >> she has been through so many ups and downs. she got through it. yes. so yes. i do admire her as a woman. >> social network sites are exploding with condolences. rivera's death has many others searching the internet to find out more about this talented
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artist killed at the heighth of her career. >> this is a human person, a human being. >> many fans knew of rivera's personal challenge because of her reality tv show, i love jenni. she toured the united states and mexico. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> real talent, thank you very much. >> still to come here tonight on abc 7 news, a bay bridge face lift that could affect that is what may northbound store. >> up to speed on the price dispute keeping them tied to dock autos i'm spencer christian. clear skies right now, but rain is moving into our direction and maybe a few snowflakes. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and promising new technology that is helping some patients kick start their
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a strike paralyzed crab fishing will enter a seventh day torj negotiations broke off this evening without an agreement. crab boat owners held meetings to discuss options. crabbers getting $3 a pound when the season opened but brokers want to cut the price saying demand has dropped. negotiations to end this dispute will resume. so we'll see.
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>> heads up from caltrans tonight. if you use the bay bridge. 266 days to go until the a job taking six months and as abc 7 news explains this may be just the beginning. >> the toll plaza completed in 1989. only 23 years old, soon, the bay bridge will be opening and earlier, administration and services buildings replaced with the new design in mind. now, it's the toll plaza turn for a face lift. the renovations will change the way it funks, just the wait looks. >> the work begins laterxp gy ts week requiring lane closures for the next six months. then, probably next summer, a
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new toll accounting computer system going through, that won't affect how motorists experience the toll plaza. >> computer system over 15 years old, it's a dinosaur in teng nolg terms. >> some day, toll takers could be replace bid a form of electronic tolling like at the golden gate bridge. with those toll takers gone by march. >> it's probably premature to say it's a for gone:collusion but that is certainly the way the industry is headed. i think, there is no schedule, we're going to look carefully at what happens at the golden gate bridge. >> there may be no schedule for all electronic tolling but there is a schedule for opening the span. today that clock red 266 days.
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>> quick thinking saved the lives of two workers today with when their big rig went up in flames. the truck got caught up in a power line.  vr firefighter and knew what to do. he and his partner jumped as far as they could, fannaged to escape. firefighters had to let the big rig burn for about an hour. they waitedded for pg&e to deactivate that line. >> gorgeous day, but things going to be different. >> yes. big changes coming our way. >> yes. >> big changes for precipitation arriving then temperatures dropping off sharply towards the week. going to be chilly. a live view from our camera, looking down at a portion of san francisco and onto the bay. you can see lights lining up embarcadero center and much of the area in san francisco, under clear skies, we had
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record high temperatures today. let's take a look at the map. a new record high for this date. airport had a high of 71. mountain view, 69 degrees so lots of warmth around the bay area today. clear skies now, clouds off shore moving into our direction. and so is the rainfall arriving tomorrow night, hover, right now, temperatures into mid to upper 50s. a mild 62 degrees this after the noon. here is a look. rain tomorrow night and higher elevations a;xv0 and cold, frosty mornings thursday and friday. high pressure the dominant feature but a cold front racing into our direction bringing down a cold air mass,
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rainfall will accompany the system. and it's going to be a change for us. starting at 8:00 tomorrow evening, rain gel veling already. by 11:00 tomorrow night, rain will have reached probably about three quarters of the viewing area. continuing to sweep through during overnight hours tomorrow night into beginning of rush hour on wednesday morning about 5:00 there will be lots of wet spots around the bay area. showers continue, we'll see it tapering off. it's a cold air cell, you may see snow up in lake county. but rainfall here will be over by then, by 11:00 wednesday night, we'll look at rainfall totals up to a quarter inch in locations perhaps as much as half an inch on the peninsula. and parts of the south bay. clouds forming some patches of fog, low temperatures fruper 30s in some inland valleys in the north bay to low 40s around the bay to upper 40s
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near the coast. into the sierra, tahoe area of the central vee seera, winter weather advisory is in effect.3x we can see four to nine inches of new snow abovexno200 feet. strong gusts as well, tomorrow, look for clouds thickening. sunshine during the day. high temperatures on the cool side in the north bay. mid-50s there to low 60s in the milder locations. here is the accu-weather forecast. rain continuing into wednesday morning. drying out thursday but cooling down sharply. highs thursday. daytime highs into low top6eh mid-50s. >> as said, big change autos yes. >> thank you very much oo. later tonight a pair of car services have run afoul of the law. >> regulators trying to keep them going instead of slamming on the breaks.
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[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. san francisco landlords may be forced to tell
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perspective renters if neighbors are smokers. would it require landlords to tell perspective tenants if yints are near a smoking tenant. this has support of an apartment association. >> it's just what is in place. so really, going through a list of the apartments and a list of those smoking policies and providing that list to someone considering the apartment. nobody is moving. there is no changing the lease autos if approved, buildings with 50 or fewer units will have until december of next year to december nate as either smoking or nonsmoking. >> parking for $1 at some bart stations, could be coming to an end. now, currently drivers park free or pay $1 a day in the east bay. but new plan would allow 50
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cent increases twice per year. >> $1 too cheap to park in downtown berkeley, oakland. >> it's probably a good deal. $3 sounds like quite a bit. >> bart charges $5 to park at one east bay station, the west oakland station. and stations in san mateo county implement a demand pricing a year ago. bart taking input on the web site until december 18th fpblg you'd like to weigh in. >> there is more still to come tonight at 6:00. teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff. we're live on this day of action. >> a hotel and a sexual assault case against a former patron. she is sworn to secrecy but talks about itmc> a pakistani girl targeted by the taliban. >> stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:0
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ruq just 22 days to find a budget deal. and tonight no word any progress is being made in washington. the prch to do something is coming from around the country. abc 7 news is live where a rally is happening right now. mark? >> this rally breaking up, there are under people here earlier and have been rallies like this one today this, is breaking up. and it's been a day of action, really a day of pressure. pressuring the president and democratic members of congress to hold firm against atemtss to cut government spending in social security and medicare. the message for move on progressives cut the tax cuts for the wealthyest americans, and do not cut social security and medicare benefits.
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>> we have to make sure we tax the rich. people making over $200,000, people over 200,000 a year should be able to pay more to get ous out of this economic mess wall street has done. >> 50 people gathered outside of the ssa office in oakland. among them, oakland congressman barbara lee. >> i'm going back to washington, d.c. tomorrow. to continue to fight the good fight. you have a resistance movement. >> lee says resist cuts. and medicare and social security hang on to 40% of what the government spends. >> we have to raise the revenue from areas where we know there is ways to be having some savings. >> lie could not name a single
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program. members vowed to call speaker of the house to tell him no cuts to services. >> when president says i want to balance the budget does he say no cuts? >> i think he is saying he won't cut service autos that is what they're saying at these rallies. at 68 leez retired and says he'd like to stay that way. >> people worked for 25, 30, 50 years. they should get benefit of it. >> we have not seen today is a counter demonstration from conservatives. a tee party member that you think would be all about going after government spending and tax increases have been largely absent in the back and forth over the fiscal cliff. i called several today who
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said they'd just as soon not go public and they're reorganizing after what they'd call a disappointing election. >> there is a settlement in the lawsuit file bid a new york city hotel housekeeper against the former head of the international monetary fund. she accused dominic strauss-kahn of sexual assaulting her inside of his suite. she was seeking unspecified damages. he claims the sex was consensual. terms were not announced. >> i think all over the world, i say that i can't work. ask god bless you all. thank you very much. >> a jury indicted strauss-kahn but. >> a plan to motivate girls around the world enroll in
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school was launched by the united states and -- united nations and pakistan named by a 15-year-old shot by the taliban.z>o another fund recreated with the help of silicon valley its right. my favorite quote is education is our basic right. those words have inspired a lot of people to help educate girls around the world. there are two funds, like you said, set up to help achieve that goal. a private fund has roots here in the silicon valley. pakistani government donated $10 million to the fund for girls rights to education. that will help the united nations with it's goal to ensure all girls have access to school by the end of 2015. >> i want to become a doctor. my father told me have youch+ to become a politician.
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>> the 15-year-old school girl activist shot by the taliban in october is recovering in a hospital in england. >> the idea that a girl simply for going to school or wanting c unspeeblg speekable. >> gordon brown says she would be a worthy recipient of the nobel peace prize. her calls to educate all girls got attention of washington-based vital voices, which promotes extraordinary women, and girls around the world. >> we first heard about the attack we were outraged. ét, her leadership and voice. >> vital voices reached out and one of them is megan smith. estimated 32 million girls around the world don't have access to an education.
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>> this is wasting the talent of the country. it's one of the greatest challenges. >> together, they created the malala fund, it will be up to malala, her father and a small board to decide how to use the funds. she has inspired many young people. >> i have a right to sing, talk, i have the right to go to market. that song written by 12-year-old samantha martin in honor of malala. her father e mailed samantha say we want the song and i could not control my tears. proceeds from the video will go to the malala fund. >> and we told you megan smith
6:35 pm
is with googlewu1l÷ x. a top secret lab developing new projects. now let's go back to the fund fchl you want to help, or donate we have a link to vital voices on our web site. you can text in your donation. >> when we come back tonight carolyn is going explain how it is kick starting their lives just ahead.
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he mernling technology holds promise of helping but these devices cost tens of thousands of dollars. now, a smaller, cheaper commercial version is helping some patients regain mobility. don was a marathon owner before a back injury. >> i won't regain much mobility. >> eric was a geologist and
6:39 pm
hiker before a stroke devastated his speech and much of the right side of the body. >> he first had a stroke he couldn't move or talk. >> but now, both men are gaining back mobility help of a new device called kick start, a scaled down version of an exo skeleton. the shells being developed to help patients move their limbs. >> they're also quite expensive. >> nancy bill likes that kick start is designed to help patients who have limited movements propel their legs in a natural, walking motion. >> and it doesn't do everything for you. if you don't do it yourself, if you don't initiate hip flechlsor it can't do
6:40 pm
everything for you. >> eric pushes forward, the brace absorbs tension, then releases it. his wife said it allowed him to climb steep hills, row building his coordination and muscle strength. >> he's not hiking upñ7á the hp and walking with his knee out in his leg, stiff, so those are major things. >> ron's rehabilitation more challenging after his injury, he was only abe tibl use leg muscles in a swooming pool. but over month was the wraiss on both legs he's taking limited steps with the help of a walker. kick start designed to use at home it has to be prescribed by a physician. since the company is less than a year old, it has providers in just four cities including san francisco. the price?
6:41 pm
$7800. éerage . >> and i have every reason to believe i'm moving towards it. >> designers believe it can help patients weakened by als. >> stay with us. coming up next, two families who are brought together by tragedy. >> and
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trying to catch a cab can be frustrating to say the heeft. this is service that's popped up, and as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains the services being challenged by state regulators. danielle is attaching a pink mustache to the front of her
6:45 pm
car. her finger and her wrist. dan wril is a driver for lift, a ride sharing service bills yourself as your friend with a car. >> hello. nice to meet you. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. >> every ride starts with a fist pump and the app asks for a donation. it's similar to a service called side car intended to help car owners earn money on the side. the,qlon co-founder sees think e way. >> this is about community members who have extra seats in the car and shear those with people who need a ride. >> but regulators saw something different. >> we regard this as limousine companies. drivers for hire. >> without proper license. so california public utilities commission slapped lift and side car with $20,000 fine autos we do believe they're operating outside of the law right now. they don't have proper insurance. drivers not properly scened -- screened we do have concerns about public safety.
6:46 pm
>> and mohammed owns an actual limb scene he keeps busy with exploding popularity of a limo summoning smart phone app. >> my driver starts at sock p.m. finishing by 6:00 in the morning and up with business all night. >> and now, is he facing a fine that his manager is contesting. >> think there are no law that's regulate what uber does. >> there is a state panel setting newzv&t÷ rules. >> regulators open the issue, some loudest opposition is likely to come from taxi drivers saying without question these services have made it tough to make a living. >> what they're doing is identical to taxi service. >> so this cab driver says he wants them regulated the same way. >> the other side is regulated.
6:47 pm
that creates an uneasy playing field. >> one family tragedy inspires another good will, now, two are united and promoting organ donations. an 18-year-old given just days to live. his liver failed. 22-year-old george becker died about the same time. his liver saved garcia's live. two families are honoring him in this year's tournament of roses parade. >> he will be my hero.jkñ, and i do this for his parents. >> it makes me want to do morej. as i have... owe to speak climbed out of my grief. >> the parade float features likeness of george becker along with other organ donors.
6:48 pm
>> let's update the changing weather forecast. >> changing indeed. take a look first we can see clouds off shore. clouds aren't moving in our direction. state wide, nationwide tomorrow, includes a state as well. showers along the east coast and quiet through the mid section. showery and rainy into pacific northwest z state wide mild conditions in the south. 60s in the central valley. in eureka, a little bit wet. clouds increasing during the day. and into night time hours, we expect rain to arrive tomorrow night. mainly dry, cool in the north bay. and tomorrow nights, rain continuing into wednesday morning. tapering off late in the day wednesday, then cool, but dry,
6:49 pm
thursday. ono low to mid-50s thursday, thursday, friday mornings cold, and frosty. especially3aykykyuurrn valley as feeling like christmas. >> yes. it is indeed. >> it's christmas in colorado this, is the day a lot of fans were dreading. a man who brought the football program back
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good evening, what mike mcentire did was a near miracle turning a football team into a winning team. now, the coach is moving on. hired today at university of colorado. he takes over the bufs. mcentire making $450,000 a year at san jose state. this deal reportedly worth $2
6:53 pm
million per year coach mac ends up in boulder. >> we've got a long way to go. i know what to do. just left a program who went from 120th in the nation to 24th in every pool. two and a half years. i have coached in california now and recruit that had state. know all of the ins and outs of it. >> the spartans set to play in the military goal. it's unclear if he will coach in that game or whether assistants will fill in. 49ers responded -- suspended brandon jacobs who has been flus traited and he tweeted he is rotting on this team.
6:54 pm
>> i zrontúo1 chent on that now. no comment about that. >> yes. just this time, this hour, i choose to have no comment on that. >> no comment. okay. he has been healthy for weeks just rarely used. the news of the suspension caught this receiver by surprise. he's been frustrated. >> i didn't know. i didn't know. you know? i'm not big on speaking on other guys. i didn't know. >> on the subject of suspensions row lando maclaine reinstated by the raiders. maclaine suspended tw games. he and the coach reportedly got into a heated arguments that led to his suspension. in other raider news the team
6:55 pm
cut quarterback ron bartel. and now, reaction. >> from day one they say they have the best players in there. and so. >> this is home coming night for seth curry who grew up in charlotte. his dad is a broadcaster for charlotte and he had to be proud. show and go on left side with the scoop. david lee with another double double tonight. 25 points, 11 rebounds. now, you see me, now, you don't. this is how you finished off a quarter.
6:56 pm
inbound pass, knocks down the j. outstanding. this sports report brought to you by mendz. >> really exciting. they're looking great. >> doing well. >> and now, san jose state has big shoes to fill. >> this is someone good. >> yes. join me tonight at 9:00. they're calling it a gas crash. just how far prices have fallen, how much lower they're likely to go. >> then at 11:00 a squid invasion. taking a look into why hundreds of squid crashed -- washed up on local beaches. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time
6:57 pm
very much. hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. @ @ @ @ @ @
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a pathologist from andover, kansas... ...a plibrarian from milwaukee, wisconsin...
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...and our returning champion, a nonprofit assistant director of donor relations from germantown, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome again to "jeopardy!" josh had a good time with us on friday, picking up over $17,000, and i'm sure mandy and joel would like that outcome for themselves, also, today. let's find out if it works out. good luck. here we go. the jeopardy! round and these categories. first off...

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